Window Shopping Simplified

Would you be surprised if you found out that 70% of people
start shopping for windows never buy?

The data shows it’s clear…

Shopping for Windows is

  • Price?
  • Color?
  • Styles?
  • Low-E?
  • Argon Gas?
  • Manufacturers?
  • Warranty?
  • Installation?
  • Sub-contractors?
  • Contracts? Permits?
  • Lead Times?
  • Buy Today Deals?
  • Retrofit?

Here are some common concerns from homeowners:

How do you know if windows are overpriced? What if those windows at the big box stores are not my houses size? Who is going to install them if I put this thing in my shopping cart? All you want is to find a good deal, get them installed by people who know what they are doing and don’t scare me when them come into my house!

Avoid the Maze

We know the window shopping experience can be frustrating when dealing with many other window ‘dealers’. At Pelican we strive to make the process tailored to just your needs and to provide you with clear and accurate information.

Why Pelican is San Diego’s Window Solution?

Hi I’m Tim, the owner of Pelican Replacement Windows. I love making
homes look beautiful and helping my customers get more than the
BIG BOX stores can deliver!

  • Reason #1: We only do windows – Big Box Retailers sell everything.

    At Pelican Replacement Windows we specialize in Windows and Doors.
    We only need to be experts on  window brands and products, not
    everything in a big box store. We guarantee we will be prepared to show
    you the best window and door options available to match your home.

  • Reason #2: We have company employees who will install your windows
    and doors, not sub-contractors like big box retailers.

    At Pelican Replacement Windows every employee is a company employee.
    From the office staff to our sales representatives and our installation team,
    you will always have a Pelican employee at your home.

  • Reason #3: Sometimes smaller is better!

    Our company is small enough so all our employees can focus on providing
    you with the best possible window replacement experience, yet we are big
    enough to purchase products at a very competitive price.

Our Promise!

Spend 1 hour with us, either in our showroom or at your home, and we promise to simplify your replacement window journey. We will help you understand what the best choices are for your new windows and doors.

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