1. How long have you been in business?

Pelican Windows, formally pelican Glass Inc. is a full service window company that has been serving San Diego since the early 1980’s. For the past 10 years our main focus has been replacement windows.


  1. What is a retro-fit window?

A retro-fit window is a window that is custom made to fit into an existing opening without causing damage to the exterior of the house. It allows us to replace almost any window at a much lower cost.


  1. How long does it take to install?

In most cases each window can be installed in about one hour. Sliding glass doors usually take about three to four hours.


  1. Do you sub-contract any of your work?

No. Pelican windows have our own stucco and drywall crew. We never sub-contract.


  1. What is low-e glass?

Low-e glass (Low emissivity) is a special glass option that can reduce approx. 85-90% of the harmful U.V. rays of the sun from entering your home. It will also block much of the radiant heat that you want from escaping. See our energy guide for more info.


  1. Do windows come in various colors?

Vinyl windows now come in several color choices.  The standard colors choices include White, Tan or Almond, and Desert Tan frames. These colors are the same for the exterior and interior of the window.

Premium finishes now offer the choice of several painted exterior colors, with a white interior finish.  The Premium finishes are cost upgrade compared to the standard colors.


  1. Can you convert a window to a door/vice versa?

Yes. We are able to add a window, add a French Door, create a bay window, and move a window or a door.


  1. Can I buy only one or two windows?

Yes, we sell as few as one, or as many as you need.


  1. Will I save on my energy bill?

Although each home is different, you should see a reduction in your heating and cooling costs.


  1. Do you guarantee your work?

Most of the windows we sell come with a full lifetime guarantee. Pelican windows also guarantee its labor to the original homeowner as long as they own that home.