What are Gas Fills in Replacement Windows?

Escondido, CA replacement windows

Windows are both beautiful and functional. But as a fenestration, they are one of the weakest links in the exterior envelope of your home. Windows often account for the largest amount of energy losses, and they could be costing you hundreds of dollars each year. That is why manufacturers have taken drastic steps to make replacement windows in Escondido, CA more efficient than ever. One of the leading advancements is sealing inert gas between the panes on an insulated glass unit (IGU).   

Double and triple glazed windows feature multiple panes of gas with high R-values. They will make a home feel more comfortable, but also save you money on energy expenses. But replacement windows are a sizable investment. You want to be sure you know as much as you can about modern window technologies so you can choose the best products for your home and your budget. So if you are thinking about upgrading your windows, here is some information you should know about the gas fills between window panes.   

What are Gas Fills?  

During the early stages of development double glazed windows had normal air sealed between the panes. But it was too reactive to temperature changes and retained too much moisture. And as the air expands and contracts it ruins the seals on the windows along with the energy efficiency. Luckily manufacturers found a better way with the noble gasses argon, krypton, and xenon. They are odorless, colorless, and nontoxic. But they have more density than oxygen, which makes them less reactive and reduces heat transfer.   

Argon Gas 

This is the most popular gas fill in replacement windows. It makes up just less than 1% of the earth’s atmosphere, but because it is so readily available it also makes it affordable. The thermal resistance is 67% better than oxygen and works well in double glazed IGUs.  

Krypton Gas 

Per pound, krypton has more density and superior performance than argon. But this gas performs better in thinner profiles, which is why it works well for triple pane windows. That said, it is not as readily available and is more expensive. That is why this noble gas has not overtaken argon gas in popularity.   

Xenon Gas 

Trends are moving towards larger windows with larger panes of glass. And with a larger surface area comes a greater risk of an efficiency nightmare. But xenon gas is one way to make these fenestrations more akin to walls and doors. This gas lowers the U-values of windows below those insulated with krypton or argon. But like krypton, xenon gas comes at an even higher price and it will take homeowners much longer to recoup the cost with energy savings.   

Which gas fill is right for your Escondido, CA replacement windows? Talk to the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows for more information about these window technologies and which styles are your best option. Call (760) 598-6422 or stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.  

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Best Replacement Windows for More Natural Light

replacement windows in San Diego, CA

Windows are an important feature in any home. They contribute to the aesthetic on the inside and outside, but also improve security, boost energy savings, and provide ventilation. And with the right window styles and placement, your windows also allow natural light to filter into your home. With the right replacement windows in San Diego, CA you can maximize the natural light in your home.   

Benefits of Natural Light 

Daylight is not just a convenience, but a necessity. It makes your home feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming. It can supplement artificial light and help reduce energy expenses. Sunlight is also beneficial for your health and wellbeing. It improves circadian rhythms so you sleep better at night and have more energy and focus during the day. You want to get as much natural light as possible through your windows.   

Best Replacement Windows for More Natural Light 

To capitalize on the natural light you need to have the right replacement windows. Here are a few styles that work best:  


These are a great window style for getting more natural light in a space while still maintaining privacy. Because they are up in the ceiling and out of the way you can install skylights almost anywhere in your home. Most homeowners choose to install skylights in kitchen and living spaces, but you can also put them in the bedroom, bathroom, or office. And if you can’t afford a full skylight you might consider solar tubes. These are brilliant technologies that give you maximum light with minimal construction.   

Clerestory Windows 

Clerestory windows are large windows or a series of windows above eye level, usually along the roofline. They make use of a space that is often inaccessible to help illuminate a space. Like skylights, these windows work in almost every room. Some homeowners install them above cabinets in the kitchen or high on the wall in a den or home office.   

Picture Windows 

If you want more natural light along with an expansive view, then picture windows are something to consider. These larger installations may not open or close. But they do provide more daylight and are often one of the most affordable window styles on the market. With double pane glass and inert gas fills you won’t have to worry about unwanted heat transfer of larger windows.   

Bay and Bow Windows 

These installations feature multiple windows configured as one. Bay windows are usually a large picture window flanked by two operable windows. They project outside and can catch light from different angles throughout the day. Bay windows feature four or more windows set on a curve. They can be fixed or operational, and are great for daylighting.   

Call Pelican Replacement Windows 

We focus on serving the customer first. If you want replacement windows in San Diego, CA to give you more daylight, contact us at (760) 598-6422. Or you can stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081 to check out some of our top of the line products and talk to one of our window experts.  

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What are the Best Replacement Windows for More Natural Light?

Windows do a lot. They protect and insulate your home. They allow for natural air flow and ventilation. The also let in natural light, which is more important than you think. Natural light has so many benefits. It improves circadian rhythms, reduces stress, increases focus, and helps make a home more open and inviting. If you are not getting enough natural light in your home it can really impact your health and wellbeing. Maybe you have the wrong windows. Instead of living in the dark, consider these replacement windows in Encinitas, CA:

1. Floor to Ceiling Windows
Looking to make a bold statement and get ample natural light in your living space? Floor to ceiling windows will have dramatic effect. These stunning installations will become the focal point of any room. And it will be even better if you have an amazing view of the backyard.

2. Bank of Windows
Have a long, empty hallway that bumps up against an exterior wall? If so, you can line windows down the hall and really light up what is usually a very dark area of the home. You can choose smaller operable windows, or simply do a row of picture windows if you are looking exclusively for light.

3. Skylights
Want ample light while still maintaining your privacy? Skylights are a great solution. They can shine down on your bathroom or bedroom, but keep people from seeing inside your home.

4. Bay and Bow Windows
These larger window installations project outside and let light in from different angles. They also add some extra square footage to your room if you want added seating or storage.

5. Clerestory Windows
Clerestory windows are high up on the wall, above eye level. Some homeowners use them in the basement to add light and ventilation. But you can also install these unique windows anywhere in your home. Some people install them in the kitchen above cabinets or in bathrooms above the shower. They are a great source of natural light and ventilation in areas of high humidity.

6. Sidelights and Transom Windows
Have a dark entryway that feels more like a cave? Adding sidelights that flank the front door and a transom window above it can give your guests a bright, warm welcome. These installations also go a long way toward boosting your curb appeal and the value of your home.

Walk from room to room in your home and work out where you have enough natural light and where you could use a little more. Then call Pelican Replacement Windows at (760) 598-6422 to schedule an in-home consultation. Or stop by our storefront at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081. Our experts can help evaluate your needs and wants for replacement windows in Encinitas, CA.

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5 Signs it is Time for Replacement Windows in San Diego, CA

You don’t always have to wait for shattering glass to know when to replace your windows. In fact, most signs you need replacement windows in San Diego, CA are a lot more subtle. Have you noticed a draft? Do you see condensation on the panes? Are your energy bills spiking off the charts? Any one of these could be a sign that your windows have outlived their usefulness. Here are some common signs you can watch for to ensure you get the most out of your windows, and stop wasting money on old windows that are not worth saving.

1. Windows Getting Harder to Maintain
Most people put off window replacement for as long as possible. We get it. It is an expensive home improvement project that takes a lot of time and planning. So instead, homeowners chose to continuously repair the windows they already have. This works for a while, but eventually old windows will become too difficult to sustain. As certain windows get discontinued, finding replacement parts will become more difficult and expensive.

2. Energy Bills Getting Out of Hand
With prices of energy going up every year the last thing you need are leaky windows. Switching out light bulbs, replacing your thermostat, and unplugging power-draining appliances will only get you so far. Over time the seals on your windows fail and develop air leaks. There are options to try and repair the frame and get rid of drafts. But because these problems often come from weather damage, they will continue to happen again and again. It might be time to switch to a more efficient, weather resistant window.

3. Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Home
Ever walk into a room and notice a significant increase in temperature? This typically means your windows are letting in a lot of unwanted heat from the sun. Like air leaks, this lack of insulation drives up cooling costs and can make living spaces almost intolerable. Modern window technologies like double glazing, low-e coatings, and inert gas fills block solar heat gains. With replacement windows you can keep south and west facing rooms more comfortable, while still getting plenty of natural light into your home.

4. Hearing Everything that Happens Outside
Noise pollution is something a lot of people don’t really notice until it is gone. Are you barraged by constant noise from traffic, construction, or the neighboring airport? Replacement windows can help. Double pane windows with laminate coatings can reduce exterior noise so you can find more peace and quiet inside your home.

5. Seeing Water Damage
Brown spots, peeling paint, or warping on the sills of your windows are never a good sign. Over time seal failure allows moisture to condense on the windows and to leak into the walls. Not only does the buildup of moisture lead to water damage, it can also cause dangerous mold and rot. If you don’t take care of it the decay will continue to develop and could lead to major structural damage.

If you are concerned about your windows contact Pelican Replacement Windows. We don’t just offer replacement windows in San Diego, CA. We are a full-service window company and we focus on serving the customer first. Call (760) 598-6422 for an in-home consultation or visit 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable, versatile, and energy efficient replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. What they may lack in modern elegance they more than make up for in energy efficiency, weather resistance, and easy maintenance. You will never need to sand and repaint vinyl windows. The material does not peel, pit, rust, rot, or warp. Your biggest concern is probably going to be dirt and grime. That is easy enough to take care of if you follow these easy cleaning and maintenance tips.

Tools You Will Need
There is no reason to go all out on expensive cleaning products and fancy tools. Instead, you will need:
Soft cloth or sponge
Soft bristle brush
Mild detergent (like dish soap or baby soap)
Clean towel
Glass cleaner
Lint free cloth
Plastic putty knife
Silicone lubricant

Never use pressure washers, razor blades, abrasive cleaners, bleach or other strong chemicals to clean your windows. They can cause irreparable damage to your windows and you will have to get them replaced, yet again.

1. Remove Screens
First thing, prepare your windows by removing the screens and sashes that you can. Carefully prop them up in the bathtub or shower, or lay them out on a flat surface to clean after you wash the window frames.

2. Wash the Frames
With the mild soap and warm water, wash down the frames using the soft cloth, sponge, or soft bristle brush. Don’t let soapy water run down the frame and collect in the bottom of the window sill. Work quickly and efficiently, cleaning, rinsing with clear water, and drying with the towel.

3. Clean the Glass
Use a generic glass cleaner or mix up your own by combing 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water. Spray it on the glass and quickly wipe away with a lint-free cloth or newspaper. Then, for a streak free shine, come back when the glass is completely dry and buff the surface with a clean chalkboard eraser.

4. Clear and Lubricate the Tracks
Using the vacuum and a soft bristle brush clean away any dirt or debris collected in the track. To dislodge more stubborn dirt you can use the plastic putty knife. Once you remove the dirt you can use the silicone spray to lubricate the track. But don’t spray it directly. Instead, spray the lubricant into a cloth and wipe down the track. This will prevent overspray so you don’t have to wash your windows again.

5. Clean and Replace the Screens
The last thing is to wash, rinse, and dry the screens. Again, use the mild detergent and water to remove dirt. Then rinse gently with clear water from the shower or hose. Prop the screens back up, and when they are completely dry you can insert them back into the window frames.

If you have more questions about maintaining your vinyl replacement windows in El Cajon, CA call us at (760) 598-6422. The personable and helpful team at Pelican Replacement Windows will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081 to learn more about our premium replacement window products.

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