Ways to Boost Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Curb appeal is important, especially if you are looking to sell your home. It presents the first impression and is a major factor in whether or not prospective buyers will put in an offer. It is a good place to invest your time and money. And luckily there are several different things you can do to boost curb appeal. From power washing to investing in replacement windows in Vista, CA, here are a few ideas to consider:

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Power Wash the Exterior

Something as simple as spraying off the outside of the home can have a huge impact. Imagine all the dirt, sap, and debris that has accumulated over the years. That isn’t something a couple of rainstorms can wash off. Try investing in your own power washer or hire a professional to come out and spray down your home. Just be sure you don’t spray directly at the windows, because that could break the seals.

Apply Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint another affordable way to give your home a facelift. You can start by updating the door and trim, or you can repaint everything. The options are endless.

Update the Hardware

Do you still have the exterior fixtures and hardware that came with the house? These generic installations do very little to set your home apart. You can easily swap them out for more modern designs. Black or copper fixtures are really popular right now. You can also update your mailbox and house numbers. These details will help set your home apart.

Tend to the Landscaping

An overgrown yard can be a huge deterrent for potential buyers. This is why routine maintenance is so important. Keep the lawn manicured and the garden beds fully stocked. You should also consider adding illumination to walkways and the front flowerbeds. Not only does this improve aesthetics, but it is also a safety feature.

Replace the Siding

Now we are going to dip into a few home improvements that are a bit of an investment. New siding will not only update the exterior of the home, but also increase the home’s value. There are so many options you are sure to find something that works for style, durability, and budget.

Install a New Roof

In addition to the siding, you might want to consider replacing the roof. People don’t realize it, but the roof can account for as much as 40 percent of a home’s appearance from the curb. You want something that will complement the rest of the home, but also hold up.

Invest in Replacement Windows

Dilapidated windows do more than just ruin curb appeal. They are a major deterrent because buyers know old windows are not energy efficient and it is a project they will have to tackle in the near future. Fortunately, replacement windows will add value to your home and you can get an excellent return on your investment.

If you are looking to sell your home and know your windows are more than 20 years old, consider getting replacement windows in Vista, CA. Our experts can help you find the right products at the right price. Contact Pelican Replacement Windows today. You can visit our showroom at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081. Or to set up a consultation, call (760) 598-6422.

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How to Spot Signs of Seal Failure

Old windows used to have just one pane of glass protecting the inside from the outside. And that isn’t ancient history. Some homes still have single pane windows. But for the most part modern windows and replacement windows in San Marcos, CA have double or triple panes of glass. These provide better insulation and protection from the elements. Find out more about insulated glazing units (IGUs) and how to identify seal failure.

replacement windows in San Marcos, CA

What is the Construction of IGUs?

Glass is a horrible insulator by itself. Which is why there is more to IGUs than just the extra panes of glass. What actually makes these units so efficient is the space between the glass. Insulated glass has two or three panes set apart with spacers and sealed as a single unit. The space between the glass may be a partial vacuum, or manufacturers fill it with a noble gas. The most common options include argon, krypton, and xenon. Though you can’t see them, these gasses have more density than air and help reduce heat transfer.

How to Spot Seal Failure

If you have screens or really dirty windows it will be difficult to spot seal failure. So the first step is to clean your windows really well, both inside and out. This will give you a chance to inspect your windows up close and assure you that what you are seeing isn’t external moisture and dirt.

Then the easiest way to spot seal failure is if there is moisture or a white powdery substance caught between the panes. The only way those things got there is through a broken seal. Condensation might come and go with temperature fluctuations, but that doesn’t mean it is a problem you can ignore. That said, seal failure doesn’t always produce moisture between the panes.

If you don’t see any dirt or fogging, you should examine your windows from outside at a distance. With seal failure the glass tends to bow towards the center and will create a distorted reflection compared to windows without seal failure. This is because of the pressure differential between the inert gas and the outside air. The distortion can be nearly impossible to spot in the early stages. But if the leak progresses, the distortion will be more apparent or the pressure of the leak can sometimes break the glass.

What to Do About Seal Failure

Seal failure means your window no longer insulates as it should. A lot of homeowners simply ignore a failed seal and put up with the fogging and loss in efficiency. A window professional may be able to drill a hole in the assembly and place a valve. This will get rid of fogginess and doesn’t restore the insulating value. If you want a full repair you will need to get a replacement sash or replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. For more information contact Pelican Replacement Windows. Our experts offer the highest level of customer service. You can call (760) 598-6422 to schedule your appointment or visit us at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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5 Major Ways Old Windows Cost You Money

It is easy to put off replacement windows in Vista, CA because they are so expensive. But what you need to keep in mind is that your old windows could also be costing. And that cost only adds up the longer you wait. If you have old, worn out windows, here are just a few ways the might be costing you money:

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1. High Energy Bills

This one is fairly common knowledge and a leading reason why homeowners finally take the plunge on replacement windows. Windows are one of the weakest links in the efficiency of your home. And over time, old windows develop leaks. In fact, energy losses through your windows can cost as much as 30% of your energy bills each month. That can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. New windows are more efficient than ever. Manufacturers have developed special materials and technologies that help seal off your home and prevent heat transfer. And if new windows last for 20 years or more those savings could be significant.

2. Window Leaks

Old windows leak more than just warm air. Broken seals in the assembly can also result in moisture leaks, and they can also be costly. If water seeps in through your windows it can leak onto the sills, walls, floor, and substructures of your home. Initially, the signs of water damage will seem minor. You might only have slight discoloration or peeling paint. But if the leak is not repaired you might have to deal with warping, rotting, or mold growth.

3. Poor Security and Safety

Are your windows more than 20 years old? If so they could be a risk to both safety and security. New windows are designed with stronger frame materials meant to hold up against impacts. They also have better locks and latches to ensure security. And finally, modern windows feature safety glass that does not shatter into large, dangerous shards. Not only do these upgraded features help protect against accidents, but also provide protection against break-ins.

4. Maintenance and Repairs

As you might know too well, older windows require more time and work when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Not to mention the cost of finding parts to repair old windows. And if you have wood windows the upkeep is even more arduous. But it doesn’t have to be a major chore and expense. New windows are made from materials that are practically maintenance free. All they need is a routine washing with water and mild detergent and some silicone lubrication.

5. Home Value

Old, dilapidated windows lower the value of your home. Not only do they look bad, but they can also be a deterrent for prospective home buyers. If you are looking to get a return on your investment or boost the value of your home, replacement windows are a great option.

Instead of literally throwing your money out the window, why not put it towards getting replacement windows in Vista, CA? For more information contact the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows. Call (760) 598-6422 to set up an appointment. Or visit us at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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How to Keep Your Replacement Windows Clean

If you got replacement windows in San Marcos, CA you want to do all you can to keep them looking and working like new for as long as possible. This means proper window cleaning and maintenance. In the summertime, this job gets a little more difficult with extra dirt, pollen, sap, and heat. So here are a few professional tips you can use that will help keep your windows in top shape all summer long:

replacement windows in San Marcos, CA

Always Use the Right Cleaning Products

Older windows may require stronger soaps and more elbow grease to keep clean. But new replacement windows require very little in the way of maintenance. All you need to use is water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth to clean the window frames. Simply wash, rinse with clear water, and dry before too much water drips into the assembly. There may be some tougher dirt. For this, you can apply the detergent directly to the spot and scrub it away with a soft bristle brush.

Dry Your Windows with the Proper Material

When it comes to cleaning the glass a generic cleaner or mixture of vinegar and water will work just fine. The trick to a streak-free shine is finding the right drying material. Most homeowners use paper towels or newspapers to wipe the glass. We recommend using a microfiber cloth because it is lint-free, soft, absorbent, and reusable. Another trick is to go back over the glass with a dry cloth or blackboard erasure for crystal-clear results. Test out a few of these methods and find the one that works best on your windows.

Wash Your Windows at the Right Time

Timing is another important factor. While it may be good for visibility, you don’t want to wash your windows on a hot, sunny day. What often happens is the heat dries the windows before homeowners have time to fully wipe them down. And cleaning windows on a hot day can expose your home to the heat and drive up the cooling costs. It is better to clean windows when temperatures are mild.

Lubricate the Track with a Silicone Spray

Another part of cleaning and maintaining your windows should involve clearing and lubricating the track of moving parts. First, clear away loose dirt and debris with a vacuum and plastic putty knife. Then apply a silicone lubricant by spraying it directly into a cloth and wiping down the areas. This will prevent overspray and help ensure the smooth operation of your windows for years to come.

Never Use Power Washers, Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives to Clean Windows

Homeowners might think their windows are indestructible, but that isn’t true. A common cause of premature window failure is using the wrong products for cleaning and maintenance. You should never use harsh products to clean your windows. It could result in damaged finishes, scratched coatings, or broken seals.

For more tips on caring for your replacement windows in San Marcos, CA contact us at Pelican Replacement Windows. Call (760) 598-6422 or stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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7 Signs of Water Leaks around Your Windows

As a homeowner, the last things you want to see are signs of water damage, especially around your windows. While these issues tend to start small, a leak that goes without repair could result in serious problems, including structural damage. That is why it is important to know what you are looking for and get replacement windows in Escondido, CA before a leak progresses. Here are a few of the most common signs to watch for:

1. Stains and Discoloration

As mentioned, signs of water leaks generally start small. At first, the only thing you may notice is slight discoloration. Stains are often yellow, brown, or copper. They can start very light and go away. Or they can darken and get bigger if the leak continues to be a problem. This is why it is important to routinely inspect windows. Then you can catch the problem early.

2. Bubbling or Peeling Paint

When drywall gets wet it can cause paint and wallpaper to no longer adhere, and it will gradually start to peel away. So if you notice paint or wallpaper bubbling, flaking, or peeling away it could be a sign of a leak.

3. Sagging Drywall

Even worse than peeling paint is when drywall becomes so saturated with water that it starts to sag. Eventually, the weight of the water could cause drywall to crack, buckle or collapse.

4. Floor Effects

Water seeps to the lowest point. So while it originates at the window it will likely drip down the walls to the floor or subfloor. And if enough water reaches the flooring it can cause loose tiles, buckling wood, or peeling linoleum.

5. Musty Odors

Building materials often produce a musty smell when they get wet. So if you notice an odd, damp smell in a certain part of your home investigate. You want to make sure you do not have a major leak on your hands and correct the problem.

6. Mold and Mildew

In addition to stains and musty odors, you could also notice signs of mold growth like a soft spot or spotting around an area with a leak. Mold can produce spores that can cause cold and allergy-like symptoms that could be dangerous to your health.

7. Water Accumulation

A sure sign of a leak is water pooling where it shouldn’t. If you see any amount of standing water around your windows you should mop it up and make sure you do not have a serious leak.

At the first signs of water damage, you should inspect your windows for leaks. That way you can get window repair or replacement windows before the problem progresses to something more serious. For more information about replacement windows in Escondido, CA contact Pelican Replacement Windows. We focus on serving the customer first. So if you want a hassle-free estimate call us at (760) 598-6422. Or to look at some of our products you can stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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