Signs Vinyl Windows are the Right Choice for Your Home

When it comes to window materials, San Diego homeowners have shown an overwhelming preference for a fairly young window material. Vinyl windows were introduced in the early 1970’s as a more economical option for a competitive market. Since then, the popular window material has gained a strong reputation for more than their impressively low price tag. While more and more homeowners are becoming familiar with the many benefits associated with vinyl windows, there are some who still find themselves on the fence. To help bring some clarity to whether or not these windows are the right choice for your home, we have created a short list of signs to be on the lookout for in your home.

Your Home Sounds Like a Construction Site
Perhaps you aren’t right in the middle of a construction site or traffic jam, but it just happens to sound like you are…your windows are likely to blame! Homeowners with older windows typically have a great deal of noise passing through their single pane glass. This type of glass is entirely too thin to effectively block out exterior noise, which can result in a great deal of headache. Vinyl windows, however, come with double or triple pane glass that can help restore the peace and quiet in your home.

You are Spending Far Too Much on Your Energy Bill
Over time, vinyl windows have gained quite the reputation for their energy efficient capabilities. This is due to a number of factors that come together to offer optimal insulation for your home, drastically reducing energy usage and the amount of your monthly bill. Vinyl windows are made from a material called PVC, which expands to create a snug fit within its frame, preventing any drafts or gaps from occurring. Their weather resistant capabilities ensure that excess moisture or weather damage won’t form any drafts within the frame in the future, and the double and triple paned glass that comes within the windows helps keep heating and air conditioning inside where it belongs.

You Are Tired of the Constant Upkeep and Maintenance
Many homeowners have grown tired of the peeling, sanding, staining and painting that is must occur on a regular basis to keep their windows looking good, but believe that this is a necessary part of quality windows. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Vinyl windows Oceanside, CA come with a variety of benefits including durability, affordability, energy efficiency and style, while only requiring the occasional cleaning with simple soap and water.

If you would like to learn more about vinyl windows, there’s no better place to start than with a Pelican Replacement Windows team member. Our team of experts can introduce you to our wide variety of quality windows while helping you find the right model to perfectly suit your needs. To speak with one of our experts today, give us a call at 760-598-6422 or visit us in person at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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Choosing the Right Company to Replace Your Windows

When it comes to having replacement windows installed in your San Diego home, it’s important to be sure that you are trusting the right company with the job. There is more at stake with window replacements than meets the eye. Windows that are not properly installed could raise your energy bill, create safety hazards in your home, and leave your family vulnerable to break ins. With so many risks on the line, there’s a great deal of pressure to find a quality window company to take on the project. Here are important factors to look for when finding the right window company for your project.

Experience Speaks Volumes
Fancy show rooms, marketing gimmicks, and discounts can be attractive, but nothing is a better indicator of quality window company than ample experience and a long history. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we have been helping homeowners find and install their dream windows for nearly four decades and have earned a reputation for a quality selection and dedicated customer service.

Find a Company that Offers Transparency
No matter what type of home project you’re taking on, it’s important to find a company that practices honesty and transparency throughout the process. At Pelican Replacement Windows, you know what to expect from the beginning starting with our free, no pressure, in-home estimates. We believe in service, not unwanted surprises, which is why we will always work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience.

Choose a Window Company that Knows their Surroundings
Every environment has different effects on the type of windows installed. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we know the San Diego area better than anyone, which means we know which materials and models will perform the best in such a beautiful and unique climate. Great windows are not a one size fits all equation, and our team will never treat it as such.

Look for Recognition from Other Industry Professionals
Expert work recognizes expert work, which is why you can always rely on quality industry recognition as a sign that you’re choosing the right window company for your project. In 2009, Pelican Glass was recognized for marketplace ethics and overall success in business by the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. In addition to expert recognition, we have also received glowing testimonials from countless customers about our services.

Want to learn more about what Pelican Replacement Windows has to offer your home? We suggest you start by speaking with one of our highly trained window experts, who are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your project as well as set you up with your free at home estimate. To speak with a professional today and schedule your estimate, simply give us a call at 760-598-6422 or visit our showroom floor located at 2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista Ca, 92081. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all of your glass and Escondido, CA replacement windows needs from start to finish!

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What to Look for in Your Replacement Windows

Purchasing replacement windows for your San Diego home can be a confusing and time consuming process if you aren’t sure what to look for. Typically, replacement windows require a significant investment, so it’s important to put the right amount of time into the decision the first time so you can save money and headaches over time. To help smooth over the buying process, we have put together this short buyers guide to replacement windows.

Compare the Energy Efficient Qualities of Your Windows
If your current windows have left you with lofty energy bills each month, quality energy efficiency should be on the top of your list while shopping for your new windows. Consider major factors such as glass thickness, weather resistance frame capabilities, and the overall insulation each window model has prior to purchasing it. These factors will eventually determine how energy efficient your replacement windows will be and how much money you can expect to save on your monthly electric bill because of the windows.

Consider the Long Term and Short Term Cost of Your Windows
Many homeowners consider their budget prior to shopping for windows, but few consider how much money they are willing to pay in the long run. While the initial cost of the windows is important, it’s also smart to take into account the amount of money you will spend on repairs, maintenance, and upkeep. A low price tag may result in higher maintenance costs. Be sure to discuss the long-term needs of each window model with an expert before making your purchase.

Know How Much Time You Are Willing to Spend On Your Replacement Windows
In addition to how much money your windows will cost you over time, it’s important to consider how much time your windows will require in maintenance. For example, some homeowners will have to peel, sand, stain and paint their windows every 1 to 2 years to keep them looking like new. If you aren’t interested in adding extra upkeep to your already full plate, you should keep this in mind prior to choosing a window model.

Know What Windows will Benefit Your Long Term Goals
Plan on selling your home? Then it may be best to look into what window materials come standard on homes in your area, and which materials can potentially increase your resale value. For example, vinyl windows have been found to increase the resale value in homes, even resulting in up to an 80% return on their original cost once the home has sold.

Finally, the best way to ensure you are purchasing the right replacement windows for your home is to speak with a window expert about your individual home project. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we have been helping homeowners find their perfect replacement windows Encinitas, CA for decades. To get started on finding yours today, give us a call at 760-598-6422 or visit us in person at 2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista CA, 92081 to see examples for yourself.

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What to Consider Before Buying New Windows

Shopping for windows for new home windows can be an exciting and creative experience for many San Diego homeowners. Between Pinterest, home improvement blogs, and countless interior design magazines, there has never been an easier time to find inspiration for your new windows. However, before you dive head first into window styles and designs, it’s important to take necessary factors into consideration prior to making any decisions on which windows you would like to purchase. To simplify the shopping process we have made a short list of tips to keep in mind to ensure you love the windows you purchase.

Know What to Look for In Energy Efficient Windows
Energy efficiency is often as important to homeowners as the overall look of their windows. Not only can the right energy efficient windows make your home more comfortable, but they can also save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly energy bills. Still, not all energy efficient windows are created equal, so homeowners should know what they are looking for prior to shopping. You will want to ask about the window Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (the amount of solar heat the enters a window), Air Leakage (how much air passes through joints and cracks) and their Condensation Resistance (how well the window resists water build up). Each of these factors plays an important role in the overall energy efficiency of the window.

Consider the Exterior Elements of Your Home
The majority of homeowners hope that new windows will help to bring more natural light into their home, however, this cannot occur without proper planning. It’s important to be aware of which side of your house receives the most light, at what time of day, and what landscaping elements may get in the way. For example, it may not help your home to place a window where it will be blocked by shrubbery unless you are hoping to cool the house. Know the primary goals and expectations of your new windows to determine the right placements. If you still have trouble figuring it out, discuss your options with a window expert.

Know What Material Is Best for Your Home
Every window frame material comes with its own list of benefits and disadvantages. To determine which material is the right fit for you, make sure you are clear on the needs of your home. Ask yourself about your priorities. Is it energy efficiency? Affordability? Determining what’s most important for your windows will help you find a material that suits those needs.

Like all home improvement projects, planning can make all the difference. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we understand buying new windows El Cajon, CA can be a complicated process, which is why our team of window experts will consider the important factors for you so you know you’ll always receive the most for your money. To speak with one of our expert team members give us a call at (760) 598-6422 or visit us in person at 2210 La Mirada Dr. Vista, CA 92081.

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What are Double Hung Windows?

When searching for new windows for your San Diego home, you will be faced with a number of choices. You will have to make decisions on the type of material, size, and style you are looking for. These decisions will make a dramatic difference in the energy efficiency capabilities, savings potential, and the amount of upkeep and maintenance you can expect from your windows. One style that offers a number of benefits for homeowners is double hung windows. Here, we will discuss what double hung windows are and how they can benefit your home.

Double hung windows are one of the most popular window styles in the country. They easily blend in with any style home and open and shut by sliding up and down. Double hung windows often feature dividers (or muntins) that divide each pane of glass. They are also spring-mounted which makes them safer than similar window styles on the market.

One reason homeowners love double hung windows is their remarkable versatility. You can find double hung windows in almost any shape, size or color. Double hung windows can also be purchased in nearly any window material.

When comparing double hung windows to casement windows, you’ll find that double hung windows are more convenient for holding air conditioner units or screens due to their straightforward design. Double hung windows are also incredibly low maintenance, especially with newer tilt-out models that make cleaning much easier.

Finally, many homeowners love double hung windows for the energy efficiency they bring to the home. Most quality double hung windows come with weather stripping that does an efficient job of insulating your home and keeping heating and air conditioning indoors where it belongs. For optimal insulation and energy efficiency, it’s important that your double hung windows are installed by professionals since the measurements must be exact to receive the full benefits.

Double Hung windows are one of the most economical window styles on the market, making them the perfect option for homeowners on a budget. Despite their low price, double pane windows Del Mar, CA come with one of the longest shelf lives on the market, saving you even more money since you will have more time between window replacements.

At Pelican Replacement Windows, it’s our top priority to match you with the perfect windows for your home. We understand you don’t want to spend a great deal of time, money, or energy trying to care for your windows. We can help you find the best windows for the needs of you and your family. Our team of window experts has been assisting homeowners since the early 1980’s, and we are ready to show you how dedicated we are to quality customer service. We invite you to speak with one of our team members today by calling 760-598-6422 or by visiting our showroom located at 2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081. Our team looks forward to answering any questions you may have and even setting you up with a free estimate.

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